TN20 cashDNA®



Banknote counter TN 20, cashDNA® series

TN-20 is one of the smallest counter in its category in comparison to its dimensions. Meanwhile the banknote hopper capacity is more than 600 pieces and in combination with the fake notes rejection hopper it is established as the most attribute banknote in the market

The scanner system of the cashDNA ®,  full scans 3 layers of each banknote. So that, the banknote control is not only the classic control, but controls even the banknotes in bad condition. The scan system consists of the classics UV, MG, IR sensors. The CLIS sensor do not touch the banknote like the CIS sensors, and the counter is not so #delicate#


More functions than any other counter but very friendly in operation, 2 steps only for operation. You can design the display according to your demands.

Technical characteristics

  • Scans: UV, Full size IR (CLIS) & MG cashDNA ®
  • Speed: 800 … 1.500 banknotes per minute
  • Counts: EURO, USD, GBP, CHF and others upon request
  • Monitor: 3,5΄΄ colored, touch
  • Banknotes’ hopper capacity: 600 banknotes
  • Banknotes;’ output capacity: 200 banknotes
  • Rejected Bsnknotes’ capasity: 100 banknotes
  • Cennectivity: LAN, USB, RS232, External printer and monitor
  • Upgrades: Via SD CARD and LAN
  • Dimensions: 320(D) x293(W) x277(H)
  • Wiaght10 Kg
  • Approvals: ECB, CE, ROHS


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