POS scale with Thermal printer for reports and Label printer K-Scale 12 20RLI

  • Operator Touch screen VGA 12″ and customer display 9″ or 12″.
  • Heavy duty Labels printer & thermal paper printer for reports

– Hardware:
• CPU: INtel Atom
• Special graphics card.
• RAM DDR III. memory.

  • SSD Hard disc.
  • Ethernet port & WiFi optional.
  • Connectivity: USB (2 external).
  • 4 x RS232 ports (1 external).
  • Weight Protection: The SW of weight control is independent of the operation SW
  • Operation system: Linux Ubuntu
  • Full SW made by EPELSA
  • Advertisements programming on customer display (Ask offer)
  • Video & photos projection.
  • Creation of reproduction lists.
  • Price list management.
  • Cross advertisement.


  • SW for label design.


  • Search for data and programming.

FTP Server.

– Information for foods:

  • Conformity for ΕΕ1169/2011
    (Feeding information, allergics, etc.)
Weight Capacity 6kg 15kg 30kg 6/15kg 15/30kg
Division 2g 5g 10g 2/5g 5/10g
Minimum load 40g 100g 200g 40g 100g
Maximum load 3.998g 9.995g 9.990g 3.000g 6.000g


K-Scale 12 20I
Scale with thermal printer for reports, auto reset. Reset button with label printing. The minimum load is set in the calibration mode..

K-Scale 12 20RL
Scale with label printer

K-Scale 12 20RLI
Scale with thermal printer for reports and label printer


Hanging models

K-Scale 12 22I
Hanging scale with reports printer.

K-Scale 12 22RL
Hanging scale with label printer

K-Scale 12 22RLI
Hanging scale with thermal printer for reports and label printer

Table scale

K-Scale 10 RL
Operator touch screen VGA 10,4″ and customer display 9″.
80 mm printer head for label and reports printing


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